How to get everything 50% off at Hobby Lobby

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I always thought this was common knowledge, but recently on pintrest I have seen a lot of people talking about getting 40% using coupons. The coupons only allow 40% off of one purchase each week. I am telling you how to get 50% off of every item that you want. That extra 10% could save you a lot in the long run! I bought a majority of my wedding stuff at Hobby Lobby. I would have spent almost $300 but thanks to patience and a little know how I got everything for less than $150!!! Talk about a cheep wedding, it was a steal!!! All you have to know is one secret! Everything at Hobby Lobby is %50 off every other week. Like I said it is simple and common knowledge but apparently a lot of people don’t know this. Entire departments go on sale at different times. one week 50% of the store is on sale and the next week it is the other %50. Which means within the course of 2 weeks you can get %100 of the items you are interested in for %50 of the cost. Before my wedding I had the weeks that the wedding items were on sale marked in my calendar. I live about 30 minutes from the nearest Hobby Lobby so I can’t just stop in to see, and the app doesn’t mention when the wedding stuff is on sale. It was just simpler to know that every thing would be on sale every other week. For example I went one week and the wedding stuff was on sale! Huge score! However, the vases and flowers I needed were not, so I just bought stuff from the wedding department and came the week after for vases and flowers. It was so simple.
Yes, I understand that sometimes you are in a rush and the 40% off coupon is the best you can get, but surely not every purchase you make is a rush. I love going into Hobby Lobby and window shopping knowing that ever $100 clock I see is only going to be $50. It opens up a whole new world of interior decorating! I hope that this helps, now get out of those pajamas and get out there and start saving!