How I Got Over Mono Fast

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How I got over Mono in less than a week!!!

This past summer I was all set to go on a mission trip. I had spent months praying and preparing. I was going to the Isle of Man. I raised close to $4,000 to spend a month over there living in odd placing, eating new food. I was so excited!!! Well I had also only been dating the man who is now my husband about 2 months. We lived 2.5 hours apart and were dreading spending a month without communication. I had been really tired when I did too much, but I thought it was because I was a waitress and out of shape. I was set to leave on a Friday, but exactly a week before I felt a tightening in my chest, it felt like someone had a viper grip on my heart. I rushed to the doctor. I thought it was a heart attack. My normal doctor was out so I saw someone else. He said it was some respiratory thing and sent me home. Well that next Monday I noticed a lot of pain, swelling, and discoloration in my throat. So back to the doctor I went. He told me that the lung thing from the Friday before was mostly  anxiety but that my throat suggested Mono. After some test he concluded he was right. I had mononucleosis, AKA the kissing disease (I blame my husband, he never got it, even though he kissed me while sick). My spleen was swollen and I could not travel at all. If something were to bump into me it would have burst and in a foreign country you can not guarantee how they will handle it. I knew that God must not want me to go so I cried and then left it with him*. I was stuck in Bed. By happy circumstance my throat closed up and I was unable to eat. I knew that I would need something, I was sooo hungry. So I bought loads and loads of naked juice. It’s nothing but blended fruit, I figured it counted as a meal. I only bought green machine and blue machine as flavors (which was another lucky circumstance). I was drinking about two or three of the large bottles pictured above a day. I also managed to slip down a few McDonald’s french fries, they were small, squishy, and the warmth and salt felt good on my throat. I was also taking about 2000mg of vitamin C a day as instructed by my doctor. Something went right because by Saturday my swelling had gone down and I felt great. I was still tired just from having so much rest but I could tell it was over. By Monday when I went to the doctor again I tested negative for mono. I believe God helped me to get better. When it was all over Tyler drove to come visit me for a few days then we went back to his hometown to work a VBS. I was soon offered a job at that church. Maybe it was better for everyone that I stayed. Maybe God got me well in time for me to still advance his kingdom here. I am grateful for the chance he gave me and the work I was able to get done here, and the kids I am still getting to work with.

Later on I did some research and found out that the naked juice I was drinking was very good for the immune system. The green machine has algae in it, which sounds disgusting but is one of the best things you can do for your immune system!!! The blue machine has a butt load of blueberries in it which are also big immune system boosters!!! So Maybe it was luck, maybe it was God, or maybe it was the Naked Juice, but no matter what it was I got over mono in less than a week from when the test results came back! It may not work for everyone but I recommend at least trying the Naked juice to get over Mono.

Summary for people like me who are too lazy to read blog post

  1. I drank lots and lots of naked juice. I chose blue machine and green machine because they are very very very good for your immune system
  2. I took 2000mg of Vitamin C a day
  3. I got well in less than a week
  4. It may not have been my diet but God that made me better- I say this because, thanks to my fast recovery I was able to work in a church that needed my help.
  5. I recommend trying the Naked Juice diet I was on to get over Mono, It cant hurt right! I don’t promise my results but anything is better than the average 3 months most people take to recover!


What about you guys, have you heard of anything that helps Mono? Do you think it was the drinks, God, or luck that got me better. Personally I give God the credit. Comment your thoughts below!!!



*I later found out that my team actually lead someone to salvation!!! That is really cool because in most European nations they hate protestants and all efforts fall on deaf ears, so maybe it is good I wasn’t there, maybe I would have done or said something that would have prevented that one salvation.

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