My dog ate birth control

I recently had a HUGE scare with my sweet dog. My husband told me one morning to move my pills off of the side table of the couch for fear that the dog would get hold of them, and in rebellion idiot me said it would be fine, and that I liked them there. Sure enough I got a call later that day explaining that he had eaten at least 12! My husband didn’t find out until 2 hours after it had happened. Marcus, my dog, is only 8 months old and weighed around 40ibs, I was worried that his young age make make the reaction worse.

He seemed fine but I began to research. We called poison control but they wanted to charge us so we decided to try calling the vet first (before you yell at me for not taking him to the vet immediately, I was 20 minutes away from home with the car and the vet is another 30 minutes away after I picked up the dog, had the vet been concerned I would have acted differently). I called the vet who was at lunch and told me to wait till she got back. I read her the three different active ingredients and the dosage of each. She confirmed that he was fine… HE WAS FINE! HE ATE 12 BIRTH CONTROL PILLS AND WAS FINE! My friend once took 3 and felt sick! I was amazed! It has been around 2 months since the incident and he has had no bad side effects. We were worried that he might suffer from mood swings, cramping, and crave chocolate ice-cream and cuddles but luckily his hormones seem in check.

This is him as a baby, for cuteness factor
This is him as a baby, for cuteness factor

Apparently it is the number one pill eaten by dogs because it rattles like a toy and is normally in less inconspicuous places than other medicines. Lucky for them it doesn’t effect them! My dog did throw up a small amount 24 hours later, but that could have been any number of things.  We were so lucky that he only got a hold of those and nothing more dangerous. The first thing everyone said when they heard was, “Well at least he wont get pregnant.” Lol yes that was my concern.

Bellow is an article that helped me when I was worried about him, it was hard to find good online information, if this has happened to you I hope my story helped put your mind at ease.

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