Why I Started A Blog


There are many reasons I began to start blogging. Not all of them were good, but I have learned a lot.

1. Something to do. This was probably one of the best reasons. I just got married in May and am only employed during the school year, so I have all summer to do nothing. I am a huge extrovert so staying home alone all day without any kids is great for a bit but eventually turns into torture. I figured a blog would give me something to do and motivate me to try new ideas and improve the apartment. It has done exactly that, and has also motivated me to call some friends for help on projects.

2. Share my ideas. I love fixing my house and creating new and creative ways to do things. I love making things more efficient and cheep. So many blogs on pintrest have helped me learn how to budget, save money, and cook. I wanted do the same thing for others.

3. Make money. This one was more of a dream than a reality, it takes a lot of views to begin making money off of a blog. I was hoping to make enough money of off it to support the monthly fee for the site. I honestly knew I wouldn’t make money from it but it was worth a try. Maybe one day I will make enough to quit my second job, but until then I will just keep writing for me.


Written By jf7x111@gmail.com

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