5 Ways to Help With Lactose Intollerance


1. Take lactose pills
These are available at every pharmacy without a prescription. You take them before you eat any lactose and will have no side effects! Unluckily my husband refuses to take pills because he “Doesn’t like them”. He doesn’t want to become dependent on them. This left me trying to find other ways to keep my husband in my arms and off the pot.

2. Drink lactose free milk, or almond milk. They are more expensive and are not always the best tasting. The best thing to do is to taste them all and pick what works best for you. I honestly do not have enough money for the substitutes and don’t like the flavor as much so I go with advice number 3.

3. Choose lower percent milk. This one helped my husband so much! He seems to think that cereal is it’s own food group and eats it quite often. His family and mine always chose 2% and was never good for my husbands stomach. One day I read that lower percents are not as harsh on stomachs. I replaced my husbands milk with one percent without him knowing. It had only been a day when he mentioned that he had been handling milk better! He never mentions things like that so the fact that he noticed it and then told me was huge! It made a large impact on his diet! Skim milk is the ideal, however it taste pretty bad so 1% will have to do. Things like 2%, whole milk, and vitamin D milk, will be the harshest on the stomach. This is honestly my favorite tip on here. It has helped tremendously!!!

4. Pick your cheese wisely. Some cheese has less lactose than others. Particularly ones that have aged longer. I have not made changes to put this into my cooking, but I have noticed that cheese has not really been a problem for my husband (excluding white queso) and I believe that is because most of my recipes call for these cheeses. Thinks like Cheddar, Muenster, Neufchatel, Provolone are all lower in lactose. You can get more info here: http://lifehacker.com/the-best-cheeses-to-eat-if-youre-lactose-intolerant-1563386663

5. Find alternatives. You don’t have to change everything but some things are substitutable.   My husband loves ice-cream but it makes him sick. I have recently replaced some of our ice-cream habits with frozen bananas, he loves it! I will be posting that recipe within the next week. You could also replace milkshakes with slushies, and things like that.


I hope that these tips help with any issues you may have. It has helped my family tremendously. I now get to spend more time with my husband and less time waiting for him to get out of the bathroom. If you have any questions or further tips feel free to put them in the comments bellow!