How I Got Rid of the Dog Smell in My Home


I have owned a puppy for 4-5 months now, which isn’t very long, but I have learned a lot. For a while, when close friends came over, they mentioned that they could smell we had a dog. I was not very pleased to hear that, so I tried very hard to fix it. I tried candles, baking soda, and all sorts of other things, but I finally found a process that works. One day my friends came over and told me that my house smelled wonderful, and they couldn’t tell that I had a dog. I was very excited to hear that!!! Here are several of the different ways I found that work.

1.Wash the blankets. If you are anything like my family, you have a lot of blankets. I keep two blankets on my couch and one blanket in the dog’s kennel. The kennel is inside our house and stays in the dining room (we don’t yet have a table so that room is empty). Having the dog stay inside all the time really smells. The first step in getting the smell out of the house is washing all of the blankets. This needs to be done every 1-2 weeks. One way to do it is to sniff them occasionally, if you think you smell something faint, wash it. We tend to go nose blind, so if you can smell it, your guests definitely can! You can’t just Febreze the blankets, they need to be washed to get the pet dander out. Even if you don’t let your pet on the blankets, they can absorb dander from the air over time.

2.Baking soda. This is super effective!!! We had a trash can that was ruined with dog urine. The smell would not leave! It was one of the biggest reasons our house smelled so bad! I put a lot of baking soda in it and let it sit. It did not seem to be working. I forgot about it, and about a month later, I noticed that the smell had disappeared! Yes, it took forever, but it was well worth it! Don’t be stingy with your baking soda, you can find some at Aldies for about $0.50. Baking soda absorbs the smell from practically anything. I sprinkled my rug with it, put it in my worst trash cans, and even put it in the corners of my bath room!
IMAG0776IMAG0773 (1)

3. Wash the dog(s). This is definitely my least favorite and the hardest to do, but we all know it to be true that doggies need baths too. It helps with fleas, shedding, and smell. I have to wash my dog around every 2 weeks in order to keep him fresh and clean. I always try to wait till 3-4 weeks, but that just doesn’t seem to cut it.


4. Sweep and mop. This may sound weird, but dog fur is everywhere! Sweeping the dog(s) most frequent spots a little more often than normal can help a lot. I sweep my dining room every other day. You can not imagine how much fur and dander I sweep up in just 1 minute. It is well worth it to keep these areas swept. If not, their dander and fur can get stirred up into the air, and you will breath it in. Also, here is a way to save money by refilling your Swiffer WetJet. I have a blog post about it here-


5. Coffee. This one may sound crazy, but it works like baking soda. It absorbs foul odors, but, unlike baking soda, it (for a while) releases its own pleasant aroma. You could leave it in bags like you might baking soda, but I found that my favorite way to use it is to put used coffee grounds in my indoor plants. It absorbs odors and is also a recommended fertilizer for your plants. It is really convenient to empty our Keurig pouches into my plants every once in a while. I don’t quite have enough dirt in my pots because I couldn’t really justify the price of buying dirt, so it is really helpful to my plants to use these coffee grounds as dirt. It helps with the smell and my dirt problems!

6. Move the dog food. We moved our dog food a few feet over from where it originally was. It is now in a further corner of the room. This helped much more than I thought it would. Dog food itself smells bad. It is important not to leave it in front of a vent or fan that would move its fumes throughout the house. Keeping the dog food closed or sealed can help keep the area around it from smelling too much.


7. Wash the couch. This is more of a drastic measure that may only have been necessary for us. This was my first step in removing the odor. To me, the couch didn’t smell bad, but I did know it needed a bath. I sprayed resolve foam all over it and dabbed it off per the instructions. It was much easier than I thought, and I believe that it was a big help. I did not notice a difference, but my friends did. When we first got Marcus (our dog) he was 8 weeks old. My friend had found him under a bridge. He had 2 types of worms and pneumonia. He became very very ill. We almost lost him many times. He threw up and peed every where. He was very weak and could not move much, and had never been house trained. We couldn’t really get on to him for all of the messes he made on the couch. It was an old couch, and I thought I would be able to replace it by now. Needless to say, cleaning the couch was a very big part of us getting our house fresh, but it may not be necessary for you.


*Note: I know my dog looks really upset in every photo, I promise it is just the way he is colored. He is a very happy and well-treated dog.


How to reduce chipping on pleather



Me and my husband just started our marriage and can’t necessarily afford lots of luxuries. His family donated some old computer chairs for us to use. The only problem is that they began chipping quite profusely. Me and my husband were covered in little black dots that were falling of the chair. There is no way to fix pleather once it starts to chip. I considered reupholstering the chairs but had no idea where to start. I decided I wanted a cheep way to just reduce the problem. I needed something to reduce the chipping and to improve the look for when family and friends came by. THIS IS NOT A FIX BUT IT WILL HELP WITH SOME PROBLEMS. This was the chair before and after I treated it. I treated it last December when it was a much much worse condition. I only treated parts of the top portion as a test. Anything with major gray showing was not treated the first time.

.IMAG0579 (1)IMAG0579_1

It is not perfectly smooth but has a significant improvement.


Note* Large portions such as the seat can not be painted because it was all fabric. It would have gotten thick and scratchy. I covered it with a pillowcase that I tucked in around the seat. It looks so much better! The large Soft portion on the back rest was fine to paint because it will not be as close to skin, and is not directly on padding so it does not become as scratchy.


When done the texture can look more like a snake or alligator skin as seen above, but will not feel like it.

If the mixture is too thin it will not be opaque enough to cover blemishes and will soak into the fabric and not be as dark. On the other hand if it is too thick it may be an unpleasant texture and chip off over time and take too long to dry. Just like nail polish you need to have the perfect thickness. But with this many thin coats will not cut it.

I was honestly afraid I would not add the right amount of nail polish remover to my mixture, but I found that just a little bit goes a long way. I really had no problem getting the mixture right! It was so simple. You could almost go without it.

You might be asking if it is worth it for a short term fix, and let me tell you it definitely is! I noticed it began chipping after six months of CONSTANT use (at least 3 hours every day). Even then the amount that it chipped was less than what I started with!

Painting tips.

  1. Use any color acrylic paint. I am sure you can use other types of paint but I have never tried. I wonder how fabric paint would work, if you try it, let me know in the comments how it goes.
  2. Paint over the whole thing, even the parts that look fine, if not the color will not be even. It will not ruin effect the texture of any solid areas
  3. . Don’t spend your time picking flakes off (you will never stop) Paint against the grain so that you get color underneath them. Then paint with the grain so that you can smooth the pieces down and the paint will serve as a glue to keep them down. This will create a smooth look.
  4.  It will take over a day for it to dry.


Trust or Bust? getting tarnish off of silver

Screenshot_20160604-152924_1 (1)

I saw this video about a simple way to get tarnish off of silver. The video proposed that you could boil tin-foil and large amounts of baking soda to create a solution that would take the tarnish off for you. So I decided to try it for myself. a while back my grandfather set some beautiful silver on the side of the road to get rid of it. It was badly tarnished and had probably been sitting in his attack for who knows how long. So I took the tarnished silver and decided I would clean it and use it in my home.


This is the silver piece before I cleaned it
This is the silver piece before I cleaned it


I set out to try this “easy” method of cleaning the tarnish. I got the largest pot I could use and filled it with water, a ball of tin foil and about 1.5 cups of baking soda. I was worried about not using enough baking soda for the amount of water in the pot so I was sure to put the silver in the most concentrated area. I boiled the water at a low boil and put the silver into the pot for close to two minutes. The video said it would only take 1 minute but I lost track of time. I took it out and it looked pretty much the same. I began to rub the silver with a paper towel and noticed some improvement. I also scrubbed the part that had not been in the water and noticed some improvement on that part too, meaning that the solution did not help as much as I had thought.

This was the result after two minutes in the water
This was the result after two minutes in the water

I decided to keep the silver in there longer to see if I could get better results. I let it boil at a warmer temperature for another 20 minutes the results were fantastic! It fixed a strong majority of the tarnish! It is not a perfect fix but it could help! There were still a few spots that the water did not get off but was definitely worth trying it! All I had to do was rub it with a paper towel!!!


This may not fix all of your problems but I definitely trust this to help your tarnish problems! This is simple, easy and cheap! There is no reason not to try this! I was blown away! Like I said it is not perfect and does not fix everything but is a good help! Be careful not to burn it. I found a small burn mark on the piece, but I did leave it unattended for at least an hour (the oven was off but I was letting it soak in the hot water to see if it was more effective than a 20 minute soak, it proved to be just as effective).

Quick Summary
It works!!!

blogpic4Blog pic4blog 4

  •  Lightly Boil the following ingredients in a pot large enough to hold your silver piece:

    • Ball of Tin-foil
    • around 2 cups of Baking soda
    • Enough water to cover the silver (its not exact feel free to use more or less)
  • Then let the piece soak for around 20 minutes
  • carefully remove the piece and wipe it off with a paper towel
  • Celebrate your almost clean piece, it’s perfect!!!




Fixing a Dog Ruined Rug

I bought this rug dirty and on sale. It was $14 and was the cheapest I could find. I hate the color yellow but I am growing to like the rug itself. The room I was in at the college had very very ugly floors so this little rug helped alot! The only downside was this tear down the side. When I got married and moved in with my husband and our cute 3 month old puppy things went down hill. The puppy is teething and chews and claws on everything. He is now 5 months old and has learned how to behave so I think it is time to do some damage control on this rug.


As you can see it has a big pull on the side and lots of little snags all over the rug. I knew that I personally could not re-thread the huge pull. So I decided to cut it off. I am so glad I did. Now I am the only person who can notice it. Now time for all of the little snags. I wanted to try the easiest way first. I grabbed some scissors and a lint roller. (I recommend using pinking shears* so that you don’t dull your scissors, but if you are broke like me using regular sissors is just fine) I was afraid that cutting them off would look tacky or unravel itself. Thank goodness I was wrong! I simply pulled it up with one hand and cut as close to the rug with the other!

rug 3

I did it for the whole rug! It took around 10 minutes and was supper productive! After I got all of the snags from one area I would run the lint roller over the area to pick up the stray strings. It was so much better than picking at them by hand. I only had to replace the lint roller sheet 3 times. Supper simple and supper easy!

Review for those to lazy to read like me!

  1. get a lint roller and sissors
  2. Cut of strands close to the fabric (no need to be meticulous it won’t let you cut it too close)
  3. pick up strays with a lint roller (its faster than by hand)
  4. celebrate you are done 
Rug 4
After Picture

*Pinking shears are scissors made for cutting fabric and thread. They will not dull when cutting fabric like normal scissors would. (note you can not use them on anything but fabric and thread or else they will dull).

rug5 No more snag!!! It looks so much better!