Whipped Coco-Caramel Cupcakes


Also known as Caramel “Fluff” Cakes

This recipe is supper simple! It is almost impossible to mess up, I eyeballed most of the ingredients for the whipped topping and it turned out perfect. My husband loves caramel and can’t get enough, so I decided to make a recipe just for him. I had a lot of failures but eventually found the perfect addition to make the topping fluffy and stiff. This cupcake has a lot going on. It is filled with a chocolate caramel whipped topping, and has an optional gooey caramel base.IMAG0586_1 Ingredients:
1 Box Devils Food Cake Mix
3 Eggs
1/3 Cup Vegetable oil


3 Frozen Whipped Cream (I used the light form to be more healthy)
1 Bottle of Caramel Topping
1 Bottle of Chocolate topping (optional)
1 Small Packet Instant vanilla Pudding*

1 Package of Hershey caramel bites (highly optional)

Steps for the Cake
1. First Mix the batter according to the instructions on the box, nothing special here, distribute the batter into the cupcake pan.

IMAG0588_1 *note this is my favorite attatchemnt for my kitchen aid, it scrapes the edge of the bowl clean while it mixes.




2. Let them cook for around 18 minutes, while you wait start on your filling


3. This is where you would add the extra optional step at the bottom*

Steps for the Whipped Filling and Icing
1. Put the frozen whipped topping directly into a bowl (no need to thaw completly), or you could make your own whipped creme and start from there, just be sure to add the caramel after it is fluffed.
*Mine thawed for maybe 20 minutes but was still fairly frozen
2. Add around 1/2 cup caramel sauce, and then drizzle A small amount of chocolate sauce on top of that.IMAG0600_1
3. Mix for a short time until almost all one color
4. Note: The mixture should be fairly liquidy. this is a result of over mixing which is unpreventable when adding something into whipped topping, don’t worry your doing it right.

IMAG0607_1 5. Taste and see if you desire more caramel or chocolate, it should be light tasting, but feel free to make it as rich or light as you please
6. Add around 3 Table spoons of pudding mixture, there is no exact measurement here ( I just eyeballed it). Mix it in. It will not thicken immediately.
7. Leave it out for about an hour (do not refrigerate). During this time you can let the cupcakes cool, while you watch one episode of your favorite Netflix show. If it is not thick enough after an hour add more pudding mix and wait another 30min. Keep it at room temperature until it is thick enough to hold a peek!

*The cupcakes bellow were done without letting the mixture sit. It was way too liquid-y and the topping flattened and was hard to eat. This is why it is supper important to let it set for the full time.


8. Fill the Cupcake with the filling:

To fill the Cupcake put the thickened whipped topping into an Icing bag (or whatever your favorite Icing gizmo is)      simply insert your Icing tip as far as it will go and begin squeezing, when your cupcake begins to expand and split        you are done remove the bag and ice the top.


Note: Even though the topping is whipped cream it is okay to leave these at room temperature. I left mine out for 3 hours at around 75 Degrees for no problem!!!


To create the optional Caramel bottom:

Take the Hershey’s bites and cut them in half put them into the middle of each cupcake
*This will not give you a gooey center, it will create a layer of caramel at the base of the cupcake. It may stick to a cupcake liner and break your cupcake in half, it will also stick to the bottom of the pan without a liner. The only solution is to use silicone liners. and honestly the effect isn’t as good as they are by themselves. If you do try it do not push the caramel down into the cupcake, it will sink down by itself.



*A variant could include any flavor of instant pudding, it would not effect the flavor too much. I suggest trying a chocolate flavor


Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments! If you need help or clarification I am glad to help!