My dog ate birth control

I recently had a HUGE scare with my sweet dog. My husband told me one morning to move my pills off of the side table of the couch for fear that the dog would get hold of them, and in rebellion idiot me said it would be fine, and that I liked them there. Sure enough I got a call later that day explaining that he had eaten at least 12! My husband didn’t find out until 2 hours after it had happened. Marcus, my dog, is only 8 months old and weighed around 40ibs, I was worried that his young age make make the reaction worse.

He seemed fine but I began to research. We called poison control but they wanted to charge us so we decided to try calling the vet first (before you yell at me for not taking him to the vet immediately, I was 20 minutes away from home with the car and the vet is another 30 minutes away after I picked up the dog, had the vet been concerned I would have acted differently). I called the vet who was at lunch and told me to wait till she got back. I read her the three different active ingredients and the dosage of each. She confirmed that he was fine… HE WAS FINE! HE ATE 12 BIRTH CONTROL PILLS AND WAS FINE! My friend once took 3 and felt sick! I was amazed! It has been around 2 months since the incident and he has had no bad side effects. We were worried that he might suffer from mood swings, cramping, and crave chocolate ice-cream and cuddles but luckily his hormones seem in check.

This is him as a baby, for cuteness factor
This is him as a baby, for cuteness factor

Apparently it is the number one pill eaten by dogs because it rattles like a toy and is normally in less inconspicuous places than other medicines. Lucky for them it doesn’t effect them! My dog did throw up a small amount 24 hours later, but that could have been any number of things.  We were so lucky that he only got a hold of those and nothing more dangerous. The first thing everyone said when they heard was, “Well at least he wont get pregnant.” Lol yes that was my concern.

Bellow is an article that helped me when I was worried about him, it was hard to find good online information, if this has happened to you I hope my story helped put your mind at ease.

The Truth about Biblical Law and how the Old Testament Applies Today

I have heard a lot of confusion about why Christians do not follow the laws from the Old Testament A.K.A. Jewish Law. This includes things like not eating shrimp, returning everything major you have purchased every 50 years, not being gay, leaving the city when you are on your period, and stoning adulterers. There are some very crazy, very strict, very clear cut laws. So why do we not follow them? There are Some people claim that we choose to ignore parts of the Bible we don’t like, which isn’t the case. A lot of people say that Jesus abolished the law, which is not true (I promise this is Biblical just keep reading). Some say he fulfilled the law, which is partially true (1/3 to be exact). As an amateur Bible Scholar I am here to clear up this issue. I have learned a whole lot in school but this part I learned from my husband, and to be honest it is my favorite thing that he has taught me. I love to hear it over and over again! So let me explain.

In the Old Testament there are 3 types of Law, each have their own purpose. You can not lump them all together, other than stating that they are all laws. They are all very different from one another. I am going to break them down and discuss them one by one, explaining what they are and how we deal with them today.

1. Civil Law – This type of Law is the one we think the least about. This was God’s rules for His nation. He set Israel Aside as his own. In the beginning they had no king and no ruler. He was to be their King and their Ruler. They would have something called judges to lead them. (These are not your everyday powdered wig, white robed judges). These judges would tell the land what God wanted from them, and kept them in line with the law. The Civil Law were rules to keep the nation running properly, similar to America’s Constitution. These are things like how to deal with property disputes, rape, lying, killing, and things like that. These laws were made for the nation to follow in order to keep it ruining smoothly without a ruler. You see a lot of this type of Law in Deuteronomy.

Why we don’t follow it today: We are no longer one nation. Christians are spread out all over the place, we have other rulers. The Bible is clear in the New Testament that we are to obey whatever government we are under.

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except by God, and those that exist are put in place by God. So then, the one who resists authority resists the ordinance which is from God, and those who resist will receive condemnation on themselves.” Romans 13:1-2 NASB

We also see this same idea when Jesus was confronted with the idea of paying taxes. He said, ““Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Meaning that they should pay their taxes. -Mark 12

There is no longer a need for Civil Law because we are not God’s nation, we have a king, we have laws, rules, and regulations. We may call ourselves a nation under God, but we are not God’s Nation. The laws would contradict itself and leave much confusion.

2. Ceremonial Law – These Laws are what kept Jew right with God. These were things they did to show repentance and to be cleansed of their sins. This includes things like how to stay “Clean”, In what ways to sacrifice animals, what animals to sacrifice etc. It talked about the priestly duties, how to purify a house, and even taught Women how to handle their periods. This was all about staying clean and right with God. There are a lot of these laws in Leviticus.

Why we do not follow it today: This is what Jesus did for us! He fulfilled the law!

Jesus Said: “17 ‘Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill. 18 For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not [a]the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished. 19 Whoever then annuls one of the least of these commandments, and teaches [b]others to do the same, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever [c]keeps and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:17-20 NASB

He was very clear that the law was not to be annulled. God doesn’t change his mind, but he can change circumstance! He fulfilled the law, He finished it, He completed it! Instead of killing lambs and OX we repent and receive salvation, that is when the law has been fulfilled in our lives. (If you have any questions on this feel free to comment or message me).

*IF none of the law is to be annulled then why do we cut out the civil law? I believe it is because our government fulfills our need for this type of law, it doesn’t annul it (personal opinion, not fact).

3. Moral Law – Finally we end with the last but not least Moral law! This type of law is found all over the Bible and is the most commonly known. It has stood the test of time and is very commonly known. The most famous of them are the 10 Commandments, these are moral rules to guide our relationship with God and our relationship with others.

Why we do not follow it today: We do, or at least we try. We live in a fallen world that is infected with sin, meaning it is in our nature to disobey these, simply because we are not God and fall short of who he is. Today these are the rules that Christians try to follow.  Today Christians do our best to hold ourselves to the standards that these laws provide. It is an impossible task, the only way to be blameless in front of the law is to keep all the ceremonial laws. Which is also almost impossible. This is why God sent His Son. He sent him to fulfill the ceremonial law so that we may be forgiven when we do not live up to the standards of the Moral Law. He gives us so much forgiveness from what we have done.

It sounds like such a simple thing, he just forgave us, but we often forget how much he forgave us from. By breaking just one moral law we are unworthy to be his sons and daughters. We have failed the perfection that he attained and made us for! Because we have failed to live up to what we should be we deserve Hell. Hell is God’s wrath, his justice. He is a loving God but he is also just. People tend to forget that he is both. They like the love but ignore the justice. If we refuse to believe that Hell exist, then we can not fully fathom his love. The two contrast each other, like light and dark. You do not understand how bright a light is until you understand the dark that it is saving you from. I encourage you to contemplate Hell for a moment, so that you may understand the forgiveness we have received.

I found the following website to have good information if you are interested in learning more about what laws are considered which category:

How I Got Rid of the Dog Smell in My Home


I have owned a puppy for 4-5 months now, which isn’t very long, but I have learned a lot. For a while, when close friends came over, they mentioned that they could smell we had a dog. I was not very pleased to hear that, so I tried very hard to fix it. I tried candles, baking soda, and all sorts of other things, but I finally found a process that works. One day my friends came over and told me that my house smelled wonderful, and they couldn’t tell that I had a dog. I was very excited to hear that!!! Here are several of the different ways I found that work.

1.Wash the blankets. If you are anything like my family, you have a lot of blankets. I keep two blankets on my couch and one blanket in the dog’s kennel. The kennel is inside our house and stays in the dining room (we don’t yet have a table so that room is empty). Having the dog stay inside all the time really smells. The first step in getting the smell out of the house is washing all of the blankets. This needs to be done every 1-2 weeks. One way to do it is to sniff them occasionally, if you think you smell something faint, wash it. We tend to go nose blind, so if you can smell it, your guests definitely can! You can’t just Febreze the blankets, they need to be washed to get the pet dander out. Even if you don’t let your pet on the blankets, they can absorb dander from the air over time.

2.Baking soda. This is super effective!!! We had a trash can that was ruined with dog urine. The smell would not leave! It was one of the biggest reasons our house smelled so bad! I put a lot of baking soda in it and let it sit. It did not seem to be working. I forgot about it, and about a month later, I noticed that the smell had disappeared! Yes, it took forever, but it was well worth it! Don’t be stingy with your baking soda, you can find some at Aldies for about $0.50. Baking soda absorbs the smell from practically anything. I sprinkled my rug with it, put it in my worst trash cans, and even put it in the corners of my bath room!
IMAG0776IMAG0773 (1)

3. Wash the dog(s). This is definitely my least favorite and the hardest to do, but we all know it to be true that doggies need baths too. It helps with fleas, shedding, and smell. I have to wash my dog around every 2 weeks in order to keep him fresh and clean. I always try to wait till 3-4 weeks, but that just doesn’t seem to cut it.


4. Sweep and mop. This may sound weird, but dog fur is everywhere! Sweeping the dog(s) most frequent spots a little more often than normal can help a lot. I sweep my dining room every other day. You can not imagine how much fur and dander I sweep up in just 1 minute. It is well worth it to keep these areas swept. If not, their dander and fur can get stirred up into the air, and you will breath it in. Also, here is a way to save money by refilling your Swiffer WetJet. I have a blog post about it here-


5. Coffee. This one may sound crazy, but it works like baking soda. It absorbs foul odors, but, unlike baking soda, it (for a while) releases its own pleasant aroma. You could leave it in bags like you might baking soda, but I found that my favorite way to use it is to put used coffee grounds in my indoor plants. It absorbs odors and is also a recommended fertilizer for your plants. It is really convenient to empty our Keurig pouches into my plants every once in a while. I don’t quite have enough dirt in my pots because I couldn’t really justify the price of buying dirt, so it is really helpful to my plants to use these coffee grounds as dirt. It helps with the smell and my dirt problems!

6. Move the dog food. We moved our dog food a few feet over from where it originally was. It is now in a further corner of the room. This helped much more than I thought it would. Dog food itself smells bad. It is important not to leave it in front of a vent or fan that would move its fumes throughout the house. Keeping the dog food closed or sealed can help keep the area around it from smelling too much.


7. Wash the couch. This is more of a drastic measure that may only have been necessary for us. This was my first step in removing the odor. To me, the couch didn’t smell bad, but I did know it needed a bath. I sprayed resolve foam all over it and dabbed it off per the instructions. It was much easier than I thought, and I believe that it was a big help. I did not notice a difference, but my friends did. When we first got Marcus (our dog) he was 8 weeks old. My friend had found him under a bridge. He had 2 types of worms and pneumonia. He became very very ill. We almost lost him many times. He threw up and peed every where. He was very weak and could not move much, and had never been house trained. We couldn’t really get on to him for all of the messes he made on the couch. It was an old couch, and I thought I would be able to replace it by now. Needless to say, cleaning the couch was a very big part of us getting our house fresh, but it may not be necessary for you.


*Note: I know my dog looks really upset in every photo, I promise it is just the way he is colored. He is a very happy and well-treated dog.


Whipped Coco-Caramel Cupcakes


Also known as Caramel “Fluff” Cakes

This recipe is supper simple! It is almost impossible to mess up, I eyeballed most of the ingredients for the whipped topping and it turned out perfect. My husband loves caramel and can’t get enough, so I decided to make a recipe just for him. I had a lot of failures but eventually found the perfect addition to make the topping fluffy and stiff. This cupcake has a lot going on. It is filled with a chocolate caramel whipped topping, and has an optional gooey caramel base.IMAG0586_1 Ingredients:
1 Box Devils Food Cake Mix
3 Eggs
1/3 Cup Vegetable oil


3 Frozen Whipped Cream (I used the light form to be more healthy)
1 Bottle of Caramel Topping
1 Bottle of Chocolate topping (optional)
1 Small Packet Instant vanilla Pudding*

1 Package of Hershey caramel bites (highly optional)

Steps for the Cake
1. First Mix the batter according to the instructions on the box, nothing special here, distribute the batter into the cupcake pan.

IMAG0588_1 *note this is my favorite attatchemnt for my kitchen aid, it scrapes the edge of the bowl clean while it mixes.




2. Let them cook for around 18 minutes, while you wait start on your filling


3. This is where you would add the extra optional step at the bottom*

Steps for the Whipped Filling and Icing
1. Put the frozen whipped topping directly into a bowl (no need to thaw completly), or you could make your own whipped creme and start from there, just be sure to add the caramel after it is fluffed.
*Mine thawed for maybe 20 minutes but was still fairly frozen
2. Add around 1/2 cup caramel sauce, and then drizzle A small amount of chocolate sauce on top of that.IMAG0600_1
3. Mix for a short time until almost all one color
4. Note: The mixture should be fairly liquidy. this is a result of over mixing which is unpreventable when adding something into whipped topping, don’t worry your doing it right.

IMAG0607_1 5. Taste and see if you desire more caramel or chocolate, it should be light tasting, but feel free to make it as rich or light as you please
6. Add around 3 Table spoons of pudding mixture, there is no exact measurement here ( I just eyeballed it). Mix it in. It will not thicken immediately.
7. Leave it out for about an hour (do not refrigerate). During this time you can let the cupcakes cool, while you watch one episode of your favorite Netflix show. If it is not thick enough after an hour add more pudding mix and wait another 30min. Keep it at room temperature until it is thick enough to hold a peek!

*The cupcakes bellow were done without letting the mixture sit. It was way too liquid-y and the topping flattened and was hard to eat. This is why it is supper important to let it set for the full time.


8. Fill the Cupcake with the filling:

To fill the Cupcake put the thickened whipped topping into an Icing bag (or whatever your favorite Icing gizmo is)      simply insert your Icing tip as far as it will go and begin squeezing, when your cupcake begins to expand and split        you are done remove the bag and ice the top.


Note: Even though the topping is whipped cream it is okay to leave these at room temperature. I left mine out for 3 hours at around 75 Degrees for no problem!!!


To create the optional Caramel bottom:

Take the Hershey’s bites and cut them in half put them into the middle of each cupcake
*This will not give you a gooey center, it will create a layer of caramel at the base of the cupcake. It may stick to a cupcake liner and break your cupcake in half, it will also stick to the bottom of the pan without a liner. The only solution is to use silicone liners. and honestly the effect isn’t as good as they are by themselves. If you do try it do not push the caramel down into the cupcake, it will sink down by itself.



*A variant could include any flavor of instant pudding, it would not effect the flavor too much. I suggest trying a chocolate flavor


Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments! If you need help or clarification I am glad to help!


Why I Started A Blog


There are many reasons I began to start blogging. Not all of them were good, but I have learned a lot.

1. Something to do. This was probably one of the best reasons. I just got married in May and am only employed during the school year, so I have all summer to do nothing. I am a huge extrovert so staying home alone all day without any kids is great for a bit but eventually turns into torture. I figured a blog would give me something to do and motivate me to try new ideas and improve the apartment. It has done exactly that, and has also motivated me to call some friends for help on projects.

2. Share my ideas. I love fixing my house and creating new and creative ways to do things. I love making things more efficient and cheep. So many blogs on pintrest have helped me learn how to budget, save money, and cook. I wanted do the same thing for others.

3. Make money. This one was more of a dream than a reality, it takes a lot of views to begin making money off of a blog. I was hoping to make enough money of off it to support the monthly fee for the site. I honestly knew I wouldn’t make money from it but it was worth a try. Maybe one day I will make enough to quit my second job, but until then I will just keep writing for me.


5 Ways to Help With Lactose Intollerance


1. Take lactose pills
These are available at every pharmacy without a prescription. You take them before you eat any lactose and will have no side effects! Unluckily my husband refuses to take pills because he “Doesn’t like them”. He doesn’t want to become dependent on them. This left me trying to find other ways to keep my husband in my arms and off the pot.

2. Drink lactose free milk, or almond milk. They are more expensive and are not always the best tasting. The best thing to do is to taste them all and pick what works best for you. I honestly do not have enough money for the substitutes and don’t like the flavor as much so I go with advice number 3.

3. Choose lower percent milk. This one helped my husband so much! He seems to think that cereal is it’s own food group and eats it quite often. His family and mine always chose 2% and was never good for my husbands stomach. One day I read that lower percents are not as harsh on stomachs. I replaced my husbands milk with one percent without him knowing. It had only been a day when he mentioned that he had been handling milk better! He never mentions things like that so the fact that he noticed it and then told me was huge! It made a large impact on his diet! Skim milk is the ideal, however it taste pretty bad so 1% will have to do. Things like 2%, whole milk, and vitamin D milk, will be the harshest on the stomach. This is honestly my favorite tip on here. It has helped tremendously!!!

4. Pick your cheese wisely. Some cheese has less lactose than others. Particularly ones that have aged longer. I have not made changes to put this into my cooking, but I have noticed that cheese has not really been a problem for my husband (excluding white queso) and I believe that is because most of my recipes call for these cheeses. Thinks like Cheddar, Muenster, Neufchatel, Provolone are all lower in lactose. You can get more info here:

5. Find alternatives. You don’t have to change everything but some things are substitutable.   My husband loves ice-cream but it makes him sick. I have recently replaced some of our ice-cream habits with frozen bananas, he loves it! I will be posting that recipe within the next week. You could also replace milkshakes with slushies, and things like that.


I hope that these tips help with any issues you may have. It has helped my family tremendously. I now get to spend more time with my husband and less time waiting for him to get out of the bathroom. If you have any questions or further tips feel free to put them in the comments bellow!

10 ways to Help an anxiety attack, from a person who has been there



My anxiety is trauma based, and is more about making sure I feel safe than anything. That is just my experience, these ideas will work differently for each person, but try what works for you! There are two different types of Attacks and they need to be handled differently (I have not seen studies on this but I know it to be true from experience). There are those caused by a mental state of mind (these are what I have). Then there are those caused by the body but it feels mental (this is what most people face. I will list ways to help both.

Mental Attacks
These are not the most common and are more likely caused by trauma than anything. Unlike most panic attacks they start in the mind and move to the body. These need to be cut off the second they start and involve lots of mental warfare. I have lots of experience with all the ways you can help these.

1. Stop your repetitive thinking, stop your repetitive thinking.
Before an attack ever occurs I begin to get stuck in my mental Process. I think something like “I can’t do this”, Then I may rant in my head for a minute and come back to the same thought “I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I can’t do this”. At that point I am gone, the attack is coming. The best thing to do is interrupt the pattern. There are many ways to do that here are some of my favorites:

        A. Ask a rebuttal. Something like, “Why can’t I do this?” and then come up with reasons you can do whatever it is you are worried about. Most of the time I am not even worried over a specific event so there is no “IT”

        B. Blurt out what you are thinking. At first this may make it worse, but If you have a friend around they will help interrupt that pattern.

        C. Create a positive Repetition. This one may take persistence, but is one of the most effective. Try to think of something positive, like “I am fine”, “God will take care of it”, “I can do anything”. Kind of like the woman from “The Help” (You is kind, you is smart, you is important). Since you are already thinking in repetition this shouldn’t be too bad. Even if you go back to the bad thought keep trying, for me it looks something like this: “I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I can’t do this. Yes, I can.. Nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong, I can’t do this, nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong.

C is honestly my favorite because it calms you down, and combats your thoughts, while still letting you feel freaked out because you are still being repetitive.

2. Do anything to feel safe!!!
For some people that is standing in a corner, or away from doors. some people need people standing very close, maybe hugging. One time I was getting anxious and my husband just laid on top of me, the pressure and the weight made me feel safe (although he was doing it to make me laugh.) For some people laying on them like that would make it worse because they feel like they can’t escape. It all depends on the persons needs. Just follow your instinct. I always have this irrational need to sit in a ball on the floor so sometimes that is what I do, and it helps.

3. Make Something warm to drink. This will distract your mind by giving you something to do. It will create a sense of normalcy. This also helps because the warmth of the drink, it is proven to create the same calming hormones as a good and long hug. It knocks out two birds with one stone. It helps a lot more than it sounds.1465869025152

4. Enlist a friend. If you have a friend who is around you enough to help with panic attacks this is important. They do not need to baby you. If it has worked in the past then keep doing it, but I know many people whom babying did not help. The best thing is to be stern, they need to tell you that you are okay, remind you where you are, and tell you to snap out of it. Yes those words can be mean and hurt at the time, but it works. I learned this one from my husband. During the worst panic attack I have ever had, I didn’t even know where I was! He tried to comfort me for a minute telling me the basics of reasons why I was okay. Then he began Yelling at me. For me this is the best thing he could have done! Every time I would get more upset and quicken my breath and get more scared he would yell that I needed to stop and calm down.  This did two very important things.

 a. Disrupted my thoughts. I couldn’t even think over him yelling. It took me out of the bad place that I took myself into, it pulled me back into reality.

b. Gave me motivation to get out of it. I am a BIG people pleaser at heart. When he began yelling I felt that me being in this state might upset him so I tried even harder to get out of it.

5. Cool Down. Go to the bathroom, grab some paper towels and wet them. Flap them through the air a few times and they will be cold. Run these paper towels around your temples, under your hair, and behind your ears. My friend did this to me during my first panic attack and it helped very quickly.


Physical Attacks

This is when your body begins to freak out and it affects you mentally. This is the cause of most panic attacks. You can be sitting at home doing nothing and your body can go into defense mode. Your pupils will dilate, your breathing will be shallow and adrenaline will pump supper hard. To misquote a good movie (Mr. Nobody) It is like you are being chased by a bear but no one can help you find it, and if you would just wake up you would realize that it is really just a small little bunny.

1. State the facts. Tell yourself what is really going on. If you have ever read The Hunger Games this is what Katnis uses to fight her panic. She starts with her name and age, then talks about where she lives. Eventually she gets up to where she is at the time and what her situation is. This will help your mind calm down as it faces reality. This method has the added benefit of feeling hard core because you have seen a rockin’ movie hero use the same techniques.

2.Eat something
I know this is counter intuitive and it is the last thing you want to do, but trust me, try it. This method focuses on calming your body. Eating tells your body that it is not in trouble. After all no one being chased by a bear stops to eat, no they use that adrenaline to run. I’m not saying to stress eat or stuff yourself, I’m just saying that a granola bar could do wonders.

3. Drink water. Water is proven to help shock. Right after a car accident the first thing you should do is drink some water. I fractured my finger yesterday, I felt a panic attack coming on, along with nausea and dizziness. The first thing I did was chug a bottle of water. I can not stress to you enough how much it helped! All of the panic left immediately.

4. Focus. Find something to focus on, distract yourself until it passes. This could be anything from a stress ball to twiddling your thumbs, to phone games. Do anything to calm yourself and create focus.

5. Slow Down your Breathing. This treats your body and mind. There are ways of breathing that slows down your heart rate. It gives you something to focus on. This is a lot more important than it sounds, it is the best way to control what your body is doing.

*It is very important that if you are having panic attacks you talk to your Doctor. It can be a medical problem and can lead to heart attacks and stuff. It is a medical problem not a mental problem. It is not worth living with panic attacks, it cost you too much not to say anything about it. Your doctor may prescribe medicine, natural remedies, or mental training in order to help with what you are going through.


How to reduce chipping on pleather



Me and my husband just started our marriage and can’t necessarily afford lots of luxuries. His family donated some old computer chairs for us to use. The only problem is that they began chipping quite profusely. Me and my husband were covered in little black dots that were falling of the chair. There is no way to fix pleather once it starts to chip. I considered reupholstering the chairs but had no idea where to start. I decided I wanted a cheep way to just reduce the problem. I needed something to reduce the chipping and to improve the look for when family and friends came by. THIS IS NOT A FIX BUT IT WILL HELP WITH SOME PROBLEMS. This was the chair before and after I treated it. I treated it last December when it was a much much worse condition. I only treated parts of the top portion as a test. Anything with major gray showing was not treated the first time.

.IMAG0579 (1)IMAG0579_1

It is not perfectly smooth but has a significant improvement.


Note* Large portions such as the seat can not be painted because it was all fabric. It would have gotten thick and scratchy. I covered it with a pillowcase that I tucked in around the seat. It looks so much better! The large Soft portion on the back rest was fine to paint because it will not be as close to skin, and is not directly on padding so it does not become as scratchy.


When done the texture can look more like a snake or alligator skin as seen above, but will not feel like it.

If the mixture is too thin it will not be opaque enough to cover blemishes and will soak into the fabric and not be as dark. On the other hand if it is too thick it may be an unpleasant texture and chip off over time and take too long to dry. Just like nail polish you need to have the perfect thickness. But with this many thin coats will not cut it.

I was honestly afraid I would not add the right amount of nail polish remover to my mixture, but I found that just a little bit goes a long way. I really had no problem getting the mixture right! It was so simple. You could almost go without it.

You might be asking if it is worth it for a short term fix, and let me tell you it definitely is! I noticed it began chipping after six months of CONSTANT use (at least 3 hours every day). Even then the amount that it chipped was less than what I started with!

Painting tips.

  1. Use any color acrylic paint. I am sure you can use other types of paint but I have never tried. I wonder how fabric paint would work, if you try it, let me know in the comments how it goes.
  2. Paint over the whole thing, even the parts that look fine, if not the color will not be even. It will not ruin effect the texture of any solid areas
  3. . Don’t spend your time picking flakes off (you will never stop) Paint against the grain so that you get color underneath them. Then paint with the grain so that you can smooth the pieces down and the paint will serve as a glue to keep them down. This will create a smooth look.
  4.  It will take over a day for it to dry.


Similarities Between God and a Shower


In my Christian walk and studies I have noticed a lot of recurrences and similarities that are patterns older than time. C.S. Lewis calls it the law of undulation. It all boils down to the fact that there are times in our life when we flourish in our relationship with God, and there are times when we do just the opposite. We fall, we fail, we feel like God has abandoned us and left us empty with no message. In truth God is still there, He will never leave us, but that doesn’t mean He will never be silent. Christian Artist “Beautiful Eulogy” stated:

Elijah saw the clouds split
And know that God did it
And does it still
Still, his presence feels like chills
Right, and if I’m honest it doesn’t happen often
Something must be wrong
It’s boring when my life is more like the book of Ruth than Exodus
I’ve never seen the partin’
Of an ocean
Or a cloud by day or pillar by night
Just a normal everyday working of life


That hit me hard when I heard it. Read this line again, “It’s boring when my life is more like the book of Ruth than Exodus”. Exodus was filled with signs and wonders. God’s work was on display and everyone saw it. Tragedies and miracles all in one book. Imagine, the parting of the Red Sea, the Ten Plagues, Manna from heaven, water from a rock! Now compare that with the book of Ruth. A woman get’s married, then remarried by the grace of God. It is simple everyday life, its a beautiful love story, but in comparison it is boring. It is what happens in our everyday lives, it is what we see everyday. God didn’t give them messages, he didn’t give them signs. It doesn’t talk about God getting them through hard times it was just simple life. Sometimes that’s how we feel, God isn’t doing something HUGE for us every day, I can go weeks or months without feeling his presence, hearing his direction.

Does that make me bad? Not at all! Am I a terrible Christian? Absolutely Not! Does God still love me? YES! Is God still working in my life? Absolutely!!! You don’t have to feel God every second of every day for him to be real and active.

In times like these it can be hard to seek God. Picking up your Bible can be difficult and praying can feel useless. Which brings me to my main point, God is like a shower.
God is like a Shower

1. We hate getting in

This problem may just be me but I hate getting showers, don’t get me wrong I do it everyday but that doesn’t mean I am excited about it. I put it off and procrastinate as long as I can. If you can’t relate I am sure your kids can. Every time you mention baths and showers to a kid they complain and whine and fight you tooth and nail to avoid it. We often do the same with spending time with God. We put it off, we make it sound like a chore. We don’t often get excited about going to do a quiet time. We push it off or find distractions. Sometimes it turns into just another thing we have to do on our check list.

2. We don’t want to leave

Have you ever tried to get a kid out of a bathtub? They are stuck in there permanently. They will sit in that water until their fingers prune and the water turns to ice. Better yet have you ever had a warm shower after a long day that seemed to melt your cares away and relax every muscle? You never want to leave! You begin to question why you don’t do this way more often. This is exactly how we are with God. I don’t care how much you whined and complained about going to spend time with God once you actually get down to it you don’t ever want to leave. I’m not talking about just reading some devotional, I am talking about earnestly seeking God and praying. His presence will keep you there and you think, “Yes, heaven will be great, this for an eternity, just us and God in eternal fellowship, I can’t wait”! But lo and behold the next day you are back at it again, you consider skipping your quiet time to sneak in some extra chores before work. Why do we do this? Why can’t we remember how great it was just the day before?

3. It is calm and refreshing

Let me be clear, a shower can NEVER do for you what God can do for you, but we must admit they both make us feel better. At the end of a hard day, or preparing for a rough day to begin what better way to prepare yourself than with something calming and refreshing. Often times we turn to showers, or warm blankets, but God does it so much better! He can heal our wounds and put armor on before we get new ones. His love is comfort and protection. We need to run to him! 1st Peter 5:7 “cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you”.

4. We begin to notice when we have not gotten enough

What happens when you are sick and avoid a shower for a little too long? You get gross. Your head get’s itchy, you feel gross and oily and sweaty. Bad things happen. It’s that same way with God. One time a few years ago I let things get in the way of me going to church. I missed for a solid 2 weeks. That doesn’t seem like a long time, but any time is too long for a sinners soul to be away from the presence of God. Without fellowship and learning I became not so pleasant. I was rude and unhappy. I knew something was wrong and needed to change.

5. Others begin to notice

This one doesn’t need too much explanation. When someone hasn’t showered in a while you can tell, whether it is the smell or the tell-tell greasy hair, there is going to be an unpleasant side effect. It is the same thing when we sacrifice our fellowship with God. I remember a point in my life where my non church going parents noticed a decline in my attitude, and had no fear in pointing it out. It was at that same time that I let things get in between me and my relationship with The Father. My advice to my friends was not as good. I did not face problems with prayer. Now a days my husband can pick up very quickly when I have gotten my priorities wrong just through my words and attitudes, without even noticing a change in my devotion time. When we leave out the most important thing to us, people begin to notice.

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Quickly and Cheaply Whiten Your Teeth


While preparing for my wedding I began thinking about how my dress would make my teeth look really bad in pictures. I know it is kind of vain, but it was my wedding, I only get one. I was saving all my money for other parts of the wedding and did not trust commercial brands not to harm my sensitive teeth. I also did not have the time to devote hours to wearing a silly whitening agent. I had been using whitening toothpaste for a while but really hadn’t noticed any results. When I found this recipe and realized that I had all of the ingredients I figured it was worth a shot, and I’m so glad I tried it!


All you need is 2 ingredients!

  • Baking Soda
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

There is no magic ratio here, as long as it is a paste it does not matter how much you add. I recommend starting with baking soda and slowly adding peroxide until it seems like a liquid-y paste. This way you can make as much or as little as you want. I keep the mixture in my bathroom next to my tooth brush so that I remember to use it. It does not need to be used often. Use it 1-3 times a week for up to a month, that would get you ready for any big event. After that use it no more than once a month or it will harm your teeth. I admit it does not taste the best but is worth it for the results. I have found that over time it gets thicker so you may want to add more peroxide every few months.

* I store mine in a small glass container from Pyrex. I use these glass containers for everything, I definitely recommend it!