jf7x111@gmail.com 02 Jun , 2016

Hey ya’ll

I am a college student in Mississippi with a lot of passion for a lot of things. I love my husband, my dog, and my 3 jobs. I work at a church directing the children’s department, I tutor full classes at a local elementary school after hours, and I’m a full time student. I am striving toward a B.S. with a double major in Christian Ministry and Psychology. I always have a lot going on but love everything I do. Sorry to sound like a stereotype but I love cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids, and doing my best as a new wife. I love seeing Ideas on pintrest and ┬ámaking them easier. I want to share what I learn to make life easier for anyone willing to read (or look at the pictures) what I have put on here. I can’t wait to get started sharing everything I learn. Hope you find encouragement and ideas for your life as well!

In Christ, Monica

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